Rubber dispersion mixer, rubber kneader, rubber mixer

rubber dispersion mixer, rubber kneader, rubber mixer X(S)N-200X30Rubber kneader, Internal Mixer Item3L5L10L20L25L35L55L75L110L150L200LTotal Volume of Mixing Chamber (L)81525455575125170250325440Working Volume of Mixing Chamber (L)35102025355575110150200Driving Motor Power (KW)5.5112237375575110185220280Tilting Motor Power

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rubber dispersion mixer, rubber kneader, rubber mixer X(S)N-200X30

Rubber kneader, Internal Mixer
Total Volume of Mixing Chamber (L)81525455575125170250325440
Working Volume of Mixing Chamber (L)35102025355575110150200
Driving Motor Power (KW)5.5112237375575110185220280
Tilting Motor Power (KW)0.551.
Tilting Angle (°)140140140140140140140140140135135
Rotational Speed of the Rotor (Front/Rear) (RPM)32/24.532/23.532/2532/2732/2730/24.530/24.530/24.530/24.530/24.530/24.5
Pressure of Compressed Air (MPa)0.5~0.80.6~0.80.5~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.80.5~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.8
Capacity of Compressed Air (m³/min)≥
Pressure of Cooling Water (Rubber Mixing) (MPa)0.2~0.40.2~0.40.2~0.40.2~0.40.2~0.40.3~0.40.3~0.40.3~0.40.3~0.40.3~0.40.3~0.4
Pressure of Heating Steam (Plastic Mixing)(MPa)0.5~0.80.5~0.80.5~0.80.5~0.80.5~0.80.5~0.80.5~0.80.5~0.80.5~0.80.5~0.80.5~0.8

1. The Rubber Machinery is mainly used for plasticizing and mixing of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, reclaimed rubber and plastics, foaming plastics, and used in mixing of various the degree materials.

2. The rotor adopts rolling bearings for support, so the maintenance work is convenient and the service life is long.

3. The transmission device adopts NGW hard tooth flank planet reducer, which has compact structure, low noise and high efficiency. It furnished with reasonable designing, construction tightly packed, occupying small area, installing convenience, highly efficiency of production, operation simple and humanized.

4. The Rubber Machinery is the advanced new type mixer equipment of rubber and plastics industry, various features are so advanced as the same product of foreign. For seal designing, we get excellent result in sealing and everlasting.

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