GB/T1689 Akron Abrasion Tester

GT-KB04  GB/T1689 Akron Abrasion TesterApplication:To determine wear resistance of vulcanized rubber and elastic material products, like shoes sole, tires, vehicle-tracks, by measuring its wear volume caused by

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GT-KB04  GB/T1689 Akron Abrasion Tester

To determine wear resistance of vulcanized rubber and elastic material products, like shoes sole, 
tires, vehicle-tracks, by measuring its wear volume caused by rubbing between specimen and sandwheel. 
And it need to test with balance.

1.Body paint baking processed, easy for mainteance.
2.Electronic automatical counter can set wear revolutions and it will automatically stop when it reaches set 

Sand WheelOuter Diameter Φ150mm, 25mm(w), granularity 36#, Abrasive material: Alumina
Rubber wheelOuter diameter 68mm,
Thickness 12.7mm,
Perimeter 220mm
Outer diameter 60mm,
Inner diameter 12.7mm,
Thickness 13mm
Outer diameter 63.5mm, 
Inner diameter 12.7mm, 
Thickness 12.5mm
Rubber axle inclination angle range0~35° adjustable(test angle 15° or 25°)
Rubber axle rotating speed76±2 rpm75±5rpm or 250±5rpm250±5 rpm 
Load26.7±0.2N27.0N or 44.1N45N
CounterLCD, 0~99,999,999
Dimensions ( L x W x H )60 × 50 × 45cm
Weight60 kg
Power1∮,AC220V, 50/60Hz
StandardsGB/T1689JIS K6264BS-903-A9 Method B

GB/T1689 Akron Abrasion TesterGB/T1689 Akron Abrasion TesterGB/T1689 Akron Abrasion TesterGB/T1689 Akron Abrasion TesterGB/T1689 Akron Abrasion TesterGB/T1689 Akron Abrasion Tester

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